Our agents will serve as free consultants to you all along the way. When you sell as many homes as our agents have sold, you learn a lot about what to look for in a home.
We will give you professional coaching along the way, and provide two great ways to get your home sold quickly and for the best price.

Some Key Pointers for Understanding the Cincinnati Real Estate Market:

1. Due to the reliable nature of the Cincinnati real estate market, we have drawn in some of the largest investment organizations (private and public) in the nation to invest in our markets.  This is because home valuations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and each of the regional suburbs in these areas have consistently shown steady rates of increase, even during the recent recession.  

2. Even as it is unwise to represent yourself in a court of law, we believe it is unwise to represent yourself in a real estate transaction.  Our agents are some of the best realtors in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and the surrounding areas, and they will help you immensely along the way.  If you are looking to find homes for sale in Cincinnati, our agents have the state-of-the-art tools to help you find the best deals possible.  Our team also consists of some of the best agents for selling homes in Cincinnati, because they are some of the most technologically-sophisticated that you will find!

3. The Cincinnati suburbs are growing and developing with tremendous speed and sophistication.  It is exciting to see all of the new homes in Mason, West Chester, Liberty Township, Loveland, Indian Hill, Fairfield Township, Monroe, Amelia, Hamilton, and more.  These planned communities offer great lifestyles for singles, couples who are married and without kids, and families with kids.  Of course, these suburbs are also great for those who are beyond the "kid-phase" of their lives!

4. The Cincinnati Urban scene has been revitalised tremendously over the past few years as investors have flooded into the city to sieze the opporunities that are there. Restaurants and entertainment are everywhere, and homes and condos in downtown Cincinnati are now in high demand.  We invite you to search our site for Cincinnati real estate to find homes for sale in downtown Cincinnati.  You will be amazed at the great deals you will find!

5. We believe it is very risky for you to consider selling your home yourself without the aid of a professional real estate agent.  Homes that are for sale by owner in Cincinnati (FSBO) are often the target of predators looking to scam unsuspecting homeowners.  Licensed agents have the tools to screen prospects who express interest in purchasing a home.  But most homeowners who avoid realtors open themselves up to a great deal of risk.  On top of this, it is a well-known fact that, statistically, Realtors can help homeowners get more money from their homes to the point that it will actually pay the commissions that the Realtors charge.  So, agents end up "paying for themselves" in the services that they provide.

6.  The educational systems in Southwest Ohio are stellar!  It is no wonder that so many people are looking for homes for sale in Lakota, Mason, Sycamore, Indian Hill, Madeira, Loveland, Monroe, Fairfield, Walnut Hills, Wyoming, Springboro, Kings, Mariemont, Oak Hills, and many of the other great districts in this area.  The great schools in this area provide an excellent reason to move to Cincinnati and the surrounding suburbs.



How to Buy a House . . .  

1. Commit to working with one Buyers Agent who will work hard for you on your half. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay this Buyers Agent, because this agent will be paid by the sellers of the home which you buy.
2. Send all listings you see online and would like to see in person to your Buyers Agent. Your agent will then organize a home tour to allow you to see those homes quickly and efficiently. Repeat this process until you find the home you actually want to purchase.
3. When you find the right home that you would like to buy, meet with your Buyers Agent to write up an offer. When you find the right home, it is important to move quickly!  Nice homes can sell very quickly, and you do not want to miss out on that perfect opportunity.  The average sales price tends to be around 3.5% under the list price. Some houses that are distressed may sell for closer to 5%-7% under the list price. Homes that are in excellent condition and are move-in ready will often go for full price or just a bit below. If you make your offer too low to begin with, you can offend the sellers and jeopardize your ability to get the home at all. So be careful.
4. Once you have negotiated a fully accepted offer, then the time clock begins ticking. It is important to begin moving forward immediately with your loan process and with your inspections. Be sure to provide all paperwork to your loan officer as soon as possible so that there are no delays to getting your loan approved. And be sure to complete your inspections quickly so that you can address any issues within the time frames delineated in the contract.
5. It is a good idea for you to attend the inspection. This will allow you to see directly what issues may be wrong with the home. Also keep in mind that home inspectors will find an extremely long list of “problems” with the home due to the nature of their job. Get emotionally prepared ahead of time for a long list of issues. They can generally find problems in any home, even brand-new homes. The key will be for you to focus on the serious problems with the home.
6. After the inspections, you will generally have an opportunity to request that the sellers make a few repairs to the home prior to closing. Some buyers make the mistake of assuming the sellers will make any and all repairs that the buyers want them to make. However, this, too, can potentially jeopardize your deal. When you submit your laundry list of issues you would like them to repair, they have the right to walk away from the transaction completely. If they have another buyer in the wings, you can lose the home altogether. So it is best to narrow your list of requests down to about 3-5 items.
7. Once you have worked through the inspection process completely, then you should focus on getting your loan closed. Contact your loan officer regularly to make sure things are moving forward. And be sure to provide any paperwork or documentation quickly along the way.
8. Prior to closing, you will need to set up your home owners insurance as well as make preparations to get the utilities put into your name.
9. Important: Do not make any other big purchases prior to closing on your home. If you purchase a vehicle, for example, and the mortgage company sees the new auto payment on your credit report, they may decline your mortgage and kill the deal.
10. Prior to closing, you will need to prepare a cashiers check made out to the title company for the amount of your down payment and closing costs. Confer with your loan officer for the precise dollar amount for that check within 24 hours of the closing.
11. When you get to the closing table, everything should be correct by that point. But you will want to read over the Closing Statement (HUD) carefully to make sure each line item looks right from your vantage point. If you have questions at this point, your Buyers Agent or the Closing Agent will be able to help answer questions.

For more information, call or text Chris Russell right away at 513-378-4663.


Did you know you no longer need to pay huge commissions when listing your home?  We can list your home on the MLS for just $500!  Right now our top regions for Flat Fee Listings are the following:
  • Cincinnati
  • ​Dayton
  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Toledo
  • Western Ohio
  • Findlay
  • Lima
  • Bowling Green
  • Northern Kentucky
  • Louisville
  • Lexington
  • Florence
  • Newport
  • Covington
Even if your home is not in one of these regions, the chances are good that we can still list your home!  So contact us today!


The Plum Tree Team 
(some of the best Realtors in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky)

The Plum Tree team consists of some of Cincinnati's top-rated Realtors.  And our agents are some of the most experienced around.  Whether you are looking for foreclosures, short-sales, or traditional consumer-owned homes, we are experts who are ready to help you.

Plum Tree is a top-rated real estate company in Cincinnati, but we also cover the areas of Dayton, Columbus, and Northern Kentucky.  As a matter of fact, we even offer our Flat-Fee listings anywhere in Ohio and Kentucky.

Our agents specialize in the following great areas of the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky real estate markets:
West Chester, Mason, Fairfield, Liberty Township, Monroe, Hamilton, Lebanon, Maineville, Loveland, Milford, Indian Hill, Amberly, Blue Ash, Hyde Park, Terrace Park, Amelia, Batavia, Madeira, Kenwood, Sharonville, Mount Adams, Oakley, Norwood, Trenton, Oxford, Springdale, Walnut Hills, Springboro, Franklin, Middletown, Carlisle, Dayton, Beavercreek, Centerville, Kettering, Springfield, Vandalia, Miamisburg, Troy, Fairborn, Covington, Florence, Newport, Fort Mitchel, Erlanger, Taylor Mill, Burlington, Independence.

Here is our vision for what we strive to provide for you as a consumer:

1) We work hard to select the best agents in Southwest Ohio, and we then do what we can to train them to become even better at what they do.

2) We have agents who are highly skilled at working with foreclosures (REOs), shortsales, investment properties, multi-family, apartments, residential, commercial, condos, land, and any other areas of real estate where you might need assistance.  Some of our agents are skilled at property management, and others excel at leasing properties.  All of our agents are trained in state real estate law, and they are proficient at working with contracts and navigating the legal requirements associated with the buying/selling process.

3) While most real estate brokerages position themselves as "listing companies," we see ourselves rather as a MARKETING FIRM.  We are here to help homeowners market their homes.  Many agents think that it's enough to stick a sign in the yard and go back to their office to wait for calls.  Well, that's just not good enough in this market.  And that is no way to "earn" the commissions that get paid in a real estate transaction.  That's why we offer an aggressive 25-point marketing plan in which we will aggressively go after buyers to get them to purchase your home.

4)  One of our mottos at Plum Tree is, "It's not the big that eat the small, it's the fast that eat the slow!"  That is how our smaller company is able to defeat the larger companies every week.  Since we are small, we are flexible and can customize everything about the way we help our clients buy and sell homes.  The larger companies are like ocean liners that fail to make the necessary turns to avoid the icebergs of the changing markets.  Our company adjusts to the market every week, and we are here to serve our clients specifically according to their needs.

How much is my home worth?

As a special service, we can provide you with a free Property Valuation Report that will give you a full analysis of the value of your home in today's market.  This 30+ page report will tell you everything you need to know about your home's value, your community, and the market where your home is located.  This report is much more thorough than a standard Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and we offer this for free!  Just fill out our contact form on this website to request your free report.

What are the best zip codes for homes for sale in Greater Cincinnati (including the suburbs)?

We often get asked about the best places to live in Cincinnati.  While that is a tough question to answer since everyone has their own specific interests, we have found the following zip codes to be some of the most popular places to live in the Greater Cincinnati area:

45069 - West Chester
45040 - Mason
45044 - Liberty Township
45011 - Liberty Township
45243 - Indian Hill
45036 - Lebanon
45140 - Loveland
45 243 - Madeira
45242 - Blue Ash
45243 - Ken Wood
45208 - Hyde Park
45202 - Mount Adams
45215 - Wyoming
45039 - Maineville
45050 - Monroe
45237 - Amberly
45243 - Terrace Park
45103 - Batavia / Eastgate
45102 - Amelia

While there are many other great areas, these regions seem to rise to the top as the most desirable communities in the Cincinnati Metro Area.

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